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<Neurology> It’s all Brain Stuff!

I started assessing clients using professional assessments from the Amen Clinics and Datis Kharrazian, PhD, DHSc, DC back in 2016. I’ve conducted a functional neurology assessment on all new clients since I learned how to, in 2020. This Brain perspective is a huge part of my Best Brain Method. It provides best outcomes and steps away from just symptom chasing.

I had a client recently say that they needed an antidepressant. They’d used pharmaceuticals before and wanted the natural version.

However after the assessment, the problem was actually the Prefrontal Cortex, Anterior Cingulate Gyrus the Basal Ganglia and intrusive ruminating scary thoughts. They had an anxious, stuck brain that was letting every problem thought come up and out…..

If an antidepressant was what they needed, then the assessment would have led to Limbic and PFC. I explained what was actually happening to the client and discussed the appropriate supplements etc. and strategies.

We are now giving it two weeks, they will use the strategies and see where we land…..

Understanding your brain, and your system allows you to work with it, instead needing to turn it off/fix it.

It’s all brain 🧠 stuff.

I am scheduling for late April and May for Brain Health Assessments (BHA) , please reach out to the team to be added to scheduling roster. I’m not able to accept new weekly Integrative Therapy clients right now, but we do have a wait list for those who have received a BHA.