In today’s episode, Jessie and Anita talk through the development of a pelvic floor symptoms flare up plan. This is key to think in advance about symptoms and sensations you could encounter, as well as how to move through those when they occur. It’s time to gain confidence and take control of your own health!

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Show Notes

1:03 - What we are talking about today!

3:50 - #1: Understand what your beliefs are regarding - what the stories are you believe to be true about - your pain, discomfort, etc.

12:06 - #2: Know what physical behaviors and movement actually help you to feel better in your body, and have your list handy to put into place

13:11 - #3: Consider what else you might need on a mental and emotional level to feel better in your body right now

14:12 - Wrap up-ish

14:39 - #4: Be realistic about symptoms, sensations, and pain