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Welcome to part 2 of 6 in  our get more sales series 

Today we're actually tackling what should have been the foundation of our get more sale serious and that is energetics/mindset because if you do not believe that your products or even free content can change lives and make someone's day even a little bit better - nobody else is going think so either. Which means less sales for you. 

 Because I can give you all of the practical advice, but in the back of your head, you're always worried that somebody won't be able to get a result that you promised, or they'll think that your products stinks or they'll demand a refund. None of the practical advice is going work.

We dive deep into how your friends, family & society could be effecting your sales. Also the silly things are brain belive about success. 

Resources mentioned:

Money, mentality makeover by Amanda Frances - hands down the best course I've ever brought. I go through it & it's bonuses mulitple times a year. (And it's open now for a limited time.) But I want you to check out Amanda's FREE Wealthy Women Mega bundle first..because she isn't for everyone. 

Love Your List Self Pace - the only Email Marketing and sales course then make sure you're brave enough to hit send and bounce back from lanch is that don't quite go to plan or getting hurtful replies.