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In this episode of the Online Creator Podcast, Kim talks with Michele Charles Gustafson.  She is a strategic marketing consultant turned award-winning Certified Image Consultant, Certified Master Life Coach, Bestselling Author and international success mentor. She is the creator of Hue And Style®. Inside this mentorship community, she teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs, professionals, and community leaders how to transform self-confidence and self-presentation into a magnetic superpower.

Through her books, transformational programs, online communities, and learning resources, Michele’s highest aim is to help individuals unlock their greatest potential and uncover new courage to make their mark.

Listen into the conversation to hear:

  • The 4 parts of a meaningful outcome and why it is essential to understand this in order to achieve what you are setting out to do in life.
  • The key to writing her book, Amazon best-seller called Show Up Confident, that she wrote in 28 days!
  • Where do you place your creative energy?
  • Generational knowledge and how to move from what we have always known to what  we don’t know
  • The value and importance of your ‘so what factor’ and how once you have identified this, can help you stop the comparison game
  • What confidence looks like and how you can start influencing your change today.
  • How ‘quiet confidence’ is more powerful than you know

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