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I dropped a post on Facebook last March and it went WILD! So I'm going to share the story behind the post and I'm talking 5 things I hate about…entrepreneurial advice that doesn't work for moms.

Or, rather - it didn't work for ME. Maybe it works for you. Who knows?

What we talk about:

  • My Facebook post that went mini-viral last March…and why
  • Why I never say never about anything
  • The 5AM club
  • Deep Work - what works and what doesn't
  • How to make the most of minimal work time
  • The toxic "outsource manual labor" philosophy
  • The 24-hour-Beyonce quote and why it makes me 😡😡😡
  • 75 Hard

Enjoy and thanks in advance for sharing with your CEO mom biz bestie!

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"I want you to look for evidence of the people who are doing things differently.. And instead of looking at them and being jealous, look at it as 'this is evidence that I can do it too. This is possible for me.'"

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